Why your children love you

Armour1‘Why Your Children Love You’ defines essential matters in child-rearing for urban Asian parents.

Calling parents to return to matters of the heart, mind and soul, it highlights the unique place of parents in a child’s life. Basic developmental needs of children are discussed to give parents insights into vital opportunities for building strong relationships with their children.

In addition, numerous exercises are provided to help parents examine their assumptions and values so that they can engage in their children’s character building with greater awareness and purpose.

Balancing both Asian and Western perspectives on child-rearing, this book also addresses fundamental values like truth for parents who wish to take their roles seriously as moral guides. Read this book to:

• Rediscover your role as a parent.
• Glean the learning opportunities that life offers you to teach what really matters.
• Learn how self-confidence is built and how values transmission can occur both naturally and deliberately.

“I strongly recommend this book to parents and educators interested in helping their children and the next generation to grow up happy, achieving their full potential and contributing to society.”
-Oon-Seng Tan, Ph.D.Dean, Foundation Programme, and Head of Psychological Studies, National Institute of Education

The author, Dr. Eliza Lian-Ding, grew up in Malaysia and received her training as psychologist from Anderson University (B.A.) and Georgia State University (M.Sc. & Ph.D.) in the United States. For over a decade, she has taught and written for audiences in Asia on the subjects of marriage and parenting. She is a mother of two children and actively serves in her church as a lay-leader.

Click on the image to see a preview of the book; or to order this book and browse related titles, do visit www.armourpublishing.com

First published on 14-06-2011.

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