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  • Desaru Seafood and Fishing

    It’s been said that there are two things that unite people – sports, and food. If this is true, then the Desaru Fish Farm is serving up all the ingredients you need to bring your family together. Firstly, the farm serves glorious… Read More ›

  • Bob’s Homestay

    Bob’s Homestay is a tranquil little resort situated at an old village by the Johor Lama river. As you lounge to the sound of children playing, insects chirping, and birds singing, you’d never guess that this resort is just two… Read More ›

  • Batu Pahat Wet Wet World

    When you have young children, any trip that involves a waterpark will make them happy. And to any child, a 44-acre waterpark with water slides, wave pool and lazy river will be  a veritable wonderland. And that’s what the Wet… Read More ›

  • Make the most of Muar

    The little town of Muar in Johor, Malaysia is not known for major attractions. What’s there, is a simple, humble township, with scatterings of old school coffee shops serving foods prepared the old way, parks with local flora and fauna,… Read More ›

  • Kota Tinggi Waterfalls Resort

    Imagine having a waterfall in your backyard; where your family can swim, frolic, and soak in cool, crystal clear mineral water fresh from a mountaintop. A place where you can bask under a blue sky framed by ancient trees. As… Read More ›

  • Rat-a-tat Cat! (Ages 6 and above)

    Here’s a child-friendly card game that both Dad and kids will enjoy. What’s a better way to bond but to squeal and laugh together? Rat-a-Tat Cat! That’s what your child will be yelling when she wins you at this game…. Read More ›

  • Little Handyman

    It doesn’t take much effort for a young child to be amazed by her Dad. When blogger PapaPat fixed a doorknob at home, his daughter went, “Daddy, you are so cool…” Likewise, if you’re a handy Dad, chances are your… Read More ›

  • Froggy Boogie

    Down by the pond, there’s a group of baby frogs who don’t want to take their naps. All they want is to hop along the lily pads! But if their mums and dads were to catch them hopping about, they’ll… Read More ›

  • Sand Art

    Here’s a chance for your child to play with sand without having to head to the beach. Sand art is a popular kids’ craft project that enables your child to create colourful images by pouring coloured sand onto a sticky… Read More ›