Dad’s Journey

Smacks of Authority

Guess what? I hit my kids when they’re naughty. But I also make sure I hear them out first and let them know they will always have my love IT WAS many years ago, but it is an incident which… Read More ›

That’s My Girl

While I have no favourites among my three children, I can’t help feeling my daughter’s tops when it comes to showing affection for me Once, my daughter Natasha brought home some of her latest test papers. Seeing how my daughter… Read More ›

No Tears in Heaven

Broaching the subject of death with children is as difficult as talking about sex A COLLEAGUE once related an incident which involved her 12-year-old son. She was shopping and had found a dress she really liked. Happily, she turned to… Read More ›

About a Boy

It took a rejection from my son to learn that encouragement works better than tips on improvement There was a period when I was banned from going down for my elder son Shaun’s school hockey games. The worst I had… Read More ›