Research Abstract: Infant-Parent Attachment and Parental and Child Behaviour during Parent-Toddler Storybook Interaction

Introduction This is an abstract of Infant-Parent Attachment and Parental and Child Behaviour during Parent-Toddler Storybook Interaction by Cynthia A. Frosch, Martha J. Cox and Barbara Davis Goldman. The paper was published in 2001 in Merrill-Palmer Quarterly: A Journal of Developmental Psychology. Background This… Read More ›

Highlights of the Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Father’s Impact on Their Children’s Learning and Achievement

Fathers’ Involvement Linked to Higher Educational Achievement With the keen focus on academic performance in Asian communities, dads, teachers, teachers, school principals, school counsellors, librarians and even University lecturers may find Fatherhood Institute Research Summary: Father’s Impact on Their Children’s Learning… Read More ›

Social Fathers and Child Well-being

Introduction The following is an abstract of Social Fathers and Child Wellbeing by Sharon Bzostek. Source: Bzostek, S. (2008). Social fathers and child wellbeing. Journal of Marriage and Family, 70, 950–961 Research indicates that more than one third of all children… Read More ›

The Role of Play in Child-Father Attachment

The following is an abstract of the uniqueness of the child-father attachment relationship: Father’s sensitive and challenging play as a pivotal variable in a 16-year longitudinal study. Social Development, 11(3), 307-331 by Grossmann, K., Grossmann, K. E., Fremmer-Bombik, E., Kindler, H…. Read More ›

What Fatherhood Means to Men

Active Fatherhood Benefits Fathers Themselves Research shows that fathers gain richly from being more involved in their children’s lives. Involved fathers are more likely to: Enjoy closer, richer and more satisfying father-child relationships  Feel more self-confident and effective as parents ;… Read More ›

Healthy Dads, Healthy Kids

Introduction A growing body of multidisciplinary research is considering how fathers’ health consciousness, practices, and outcomes relate to their children’s quality of health and care. One implication from this research is in understanding and accounting for how fathers make decisions… Read More ›