Desaru Seafood and Fishing

It’s been said that there are two things that unite people – sports, and food. If this is true, then the Desaru Fish Farm is serving up all the ingredients you need to bring your family together. Firstly, the farm serves glorious… Read More ›

Make the most of Muar

The little town of Muar in Johor, Malaysia is not known for major attractions. What’s there, is a simple, humble township, with scatterings of old school coffee shops serving foods prepared the old way, parks with local flora and fauna,… Read More ›

Surf’s Up!

On top of the sun, sea and sand, check out the fourth “S” just off our sunny island at Wave House Sentosa, Singapore’s first and only simulated wave surfing outfit—without the fear of sandflies, salty water or a stranded child… Read More ›