Events & Special Days

DIY Cookie Baking

Toolbox Idea by Law Gin Lieng My Idea is about getting dads and kids baking their own cookies together. Dads and Kids will love this because it’s a wonderful bonding session where kids will learn things like the baking process, preparing ingredients,… Read More ›

Movie Selection Tips for Families

The Chin family had planned to spend every Friday evening unwinding for the weekend by watching a video together. The first time they tried this, Dad put on “Finding Nemo”, only to have their preschooler quiver and quake minutes into the show. A quick check on the MDA Films Classification Database showed a G rating. What does that mean? Common… Read More ›

Run a Race!

Bonds between father and child are cast and forged when you take part in sports together. One of the easiest and most memorable ways is to run together in an event like the Army Half Marathon. Even if your child… Read More ›