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Play Sports Together

Idea by Mohomad Suhaimi My Idea for Dads and Kids is to play sports together. One of the sports that I have introduced to my son is badminton. Badminton is a great sport to begin with it as it can be played… Read More ›

String Telephone

This is a call for parents (and children alike) to ditch your iPhones or Androids, at least for a while! Gather together instead to re-make a good, old fashioned String Telephone! Use this experiment to demonstrate how sound travels through… Read More ›

Tower Power

This is a simple fun filled experiment. Here’s how it goes: a) Get your kids to gather a pile of 50-cent coins and stack them up neatly. b) Source for a variety of “tools”, such as a metal fork, butter… Read More ›

Try this Paper Clip Trick

This school holidays, let kids “gravitate” home and occupy them with some simple science experiments conducted right in the living room! No need for complicated apparatus: Just let them “mess about” with some string, a bunch of (4) keys and… Read More ›

English Shiritori

Shiritori is a popular Japanese spoken word game. It’s so simple to play that Japanese children–and sometimes adults–play Shiritori to while away short periods of time, like when waiting in a queue. Shiritori works in English too. Here’s the basic… Read More ›

Ultimate Tic-Tac-Toe

If you’re like most dads, you’ve probably tried playing tic-tac-toe with your kids. You also probably didn’t keep at it: the game’s strategies are so limited that, probably your kids got bored quickly, or they caught on that you’ve been… Read More ›