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Toolbits 34/40

Together with your kids, in just 15 minutes, write a 10 word sentence and have them illustrate it. For example: The monkey ate a basketful of starwberries and turned pink!. What is a “Toolbit”?

Toolbits 32/40

Make A Cottage in a Box: Paper over a large box, and mark out the windows and doors. Cut and fold out the openings, then decorate. Give the house a name and address. Photo yourselves next to it.

Toolbits 31/40

Get your kids to create a superhero dog! Think about what powers you want it to have. Name it, draw it and design a superhero outfit for it. Remember to photo your creation and birth date it!

Toolbits 27/40

Use toilet paper to create something that can hang round your neck. Make it colourful (use coloured pens) and a one of a kind creation. As always, name your creation and take a photograph. What is a “Toolbit”?

Toolbits 25/40

Toss Perfect Pancakes: Practise making perfect flips on an unheated pan with a piece of bread! See how high you can toss it! Make sure you photograph this experience. It’ll make a great collage for the kitchen! What is a… Read More ›