Toolbox Specials

Toddler Skeeball!

Idea by George Ngoh My Idea for Dads and Kids is Toddler Skeeball! Here’s a great family time toddler activity. You’ll need a big box and some empty cottage cheese containers (photo uses 24 oz containers.) First place the 3 containers… Read More ›

Learn Through Play

Idea by Marniza Jalil My Idea for Dads and Kids is to to learn through play and have fun together. We took the opportunity to bring my daughter to the Children’s Garden at Gardens by the Bay when it opened. The Children’s Garden at… Read More ›

Play Sports Together

Idea by Mohomad Suhaimi My Idea for Dads and Kids is to play sports together. One of the sports that I have introduced to my son is badminton. Badminton is a great sport to begin with it as it can be played… Read More ›

Open Water Diver Course

Idea by Hun Tay My Idea for Dads and Kids is to be able to inspire and motivate each other to learn and do things together and reinforce the bond. In December 2013, I brought my 12 year-old son to Thailand for his… Read More ›

Yoga @ the park!

Idea by Lau Swee Bee My Idea for Dads and Kids is Yoga@the park! It’s good to organize more yoga activities that both dads and their children can do together. Dads who spend a whole week at work and are stressed out from… Read More ›