Got a favourite family haunt or an activity idea Dads & Kids can do together? Send in your idea to the Dad Toolbox! This section showcases past winning ideas for the Dads Toolbox Snowball Giveaway running from: 2 Nov 2012 to 17 May 2013.

DIY Home Deco

Idea by Callista Koung My Idea is about decorating the home together. Dad can teach kids how to make some simple ornaments and inspire creativity. They need not wait until Christmas to decorate the house and can do it at any… Read More ›

Fun Sport Shooting

Idea by Hemanth Srinivasa Kumar Grandhi My Idea is about engaging in a funny and safe family activity called sport shooting. It can be played across the different generations in a family leaving a lasting legacy of  memories. Sport shooting builds physical discipline, strength, stamina,… Read More ›