Got a favourite family haunt or an activity idea Dads & Kids can do together? Send in your idea to the Dad Toolbox! This section showcases past winning ideas for the Dads Toolbox Snowball Giveaway running from: 2 Nov 2012 to 17 May 2013.

A Day@Work

Toolbox Idea by Colin Chan My Idea is about taking the child to work in order for him to experience what goes on in the real working world. I organised this activity for my son and designed it to take him through… Read More ›

Daddy Hour!

Toolbox Idea by Philip Huan My Idea is about setting aside time  to  personally pick up your children from school once a week, and to have lunch with them. I spend about to two hours away from work for this and sometimes… Read More ›

Cook with Dad

Toolbox Idea by Adrian Lee My Idea is about enjoying cooking a meal together. My 2 elder boys cook with me all the time. They help with the less demanding chores like washing the vegetables and  rice, adding ingredients to the pot and… Read More ›