GearUP Challenge – Terms of Entry

1.        Contest Period
1.1.        The Dads Toolbox GearUP Challenge by Dads for Life runs on from Monday 1st July 2013 – Wednesday 30th April 2014.
1.2.        Entry Submissions open at 12:00am Monday 1st July 2013 and close at 11:59pm Wednesday 30th April 2014.
1.3.        Winning entries for monthly prizes will be selected among entrants whose entries were submitted between:
Month 1        12:00am Mon 1st Jul 2013  – 11:59pm Wed 31st Jul 2013
Month 2        12:00am Thu 1st Aug 2013  – 11:59pm Sat 31st Aug 2013
Month 3        12:00am Sun 1st Sep 2013  – 11:59pm Mon 30th Sep 2013
Month 4        12:00am Tue 1st Oct 2013  – 11:59pm Thu 31st Oct 2013  
(VoteUP Round 1)
Month 5        12:00am Fri 1st Nov 2013  – 11:59pm Sat 30th Nov 2013
Month 6        12:00am Sun 1st Dec 2013  – 11:59pm Tue 31st Dec 2013
Month 7        12:00am Wed 1st Jan 2014  – 11:59pm Fri 31st Jan 2014
Month 8       12:00am Sat 1st Feb 2014  – 11:59pm Fri 28th Feb 2014
Month 9       12:00am Sat 1st Mar 2014 – 11:59pm Mon 31st Mar 2014 
Month 10     12:00am Tue 1st Apr 2014  – 11:59pm Wed 30th Apr 2014  
(VoteUP Round 2)

2.        Eligibility
2.1.        Entry submission is open to any person who is 7 years of age and above, and is a Citizen or Permanent Resident of Singapore, or a local student in an MOE-registered primary or secondary school with a valid student ID. Each entrant may only submit one entry per contest month.
2.2.        This contest is not open to the Dads for Life Secretariat and employees of Raison Consulting, or anyone directly connected with the contest.

3.        Prizes & Winning
3.1.        There are ten (10) GearUP months. In the GearUP Challenge each month:
3.1.1.    Up to eight (8) entries will win a $50 GearUP prize;
3.2.       There are two (2) VoteUP Rounds. VoteUP Round 1 runs concurrently with the Month 4 contest period. VoteUP Round 2 runs concurrently with the Month 10 contest period. For each VoteUP Round:
3.2.1.   The Top 8 VoteUP entries based on the most number of Votes obtained by the end of the Month will win a $100 VoteUP prize;
3.2.2.   The Top 3 VoteUP entries from a school, who have indicated their school in their Entry Submission, will additionally win a $500 VoteUP School Prize for their school.
3.3.       All GearUP and VoteUP prizes will consist of vouchers from IKEA or Popular. Dads for Life reserves the right to award either prize voucher, or substitute any prize with one of a similar value. Prizes are non-transferable and non-exchangeable for cash.
3.4.       At the end of each GearUP Challenge month, entries will be selected to win based on the following criteria:
3.4.1.    Content Quality (Uniqueness/ Fun/ Insight)
3.4.2.    Heartfelt Quality
3.4.3.   Quality of Photo / Video supplied
3.5.       The decision of the Contest Organiser will be final; no entrant will have the right to challenge the verdict. The Contest Organiser will not engage in any conversation or explanation regarding their decision.

4.        How to Enter
4.1.        Entry submissions must be made online at Complete the Complete the Contest Entry Form by submitting all required information prior to the end of the respective month’s Contest Period (as defined above).
4.2.        Upon completing the entry form, click the “Submit” button. The automated client will receive and store your entry.
4.3.        You will not be able to edit or delete your entry after submitting. However, you can resubmit your entry. Where a single entrant has submitted multiple entries, only the latest entry received within the respective month’s Contest Period will be considered valid.
4.4.        To include an image with your entry, simply upload the JPEG image at the entry form. To include a video with your entry:  upload the video onto and provide the URL of the video at the entry form. The video must adhere to the official YouTube Terms of Service. You will be asked to review and agree with the Contest Terms of Entry provided in this document.
4.5.        The Toolbox entry including any image and/or video must:
4.5.1.    Be truthful and original;
4.5.2.    Have not been submitted for or won other awards or contests;
4.5.3.    Not infringe on the rights of any third party or trademark; and, not contain trademarks, pornography, lewd or inappropriate activities, sexual or racial slurs or connotations, offensive language, obscenities or any material that would be offensive to a group or to an individual.
4.6.        The Contest Organiser reserves the right not to consider any submission it deems to be inappropriate and will not engage in any form of communication or discussion about any submission. All decisions made by the Contest Organiser are final and appeals will not be considered under any circumstances..

5.        Submission Limitations and Rights
By entering this Contest, you explicitly certify that you:
5.1.        Meet the eligibility requirements set forth in these official Contest Terms of Entry;
5.2.        Have reviewed and agreed with the official Contest Terms of Entry and Privacy Policy;
5.3.        Agree that the Contest Organiser, or those acting on its behalf, may photograph and film you, your Dad and your Fathers@Schools group and use such photographs and film for any and/or all advertising, promotional, trade and other purposes and in all media, including newspapers, magazines, online displays, websites, television, videos, and other media channels and applications, known and unknown, without further consent or compensation.
5.4.        Represent and warrant that you have not used any licensed material or any material owned or controlled by someone other than you, in your submission, including, without limitation, words, photo, artwork or video as they may apply.
5.5.        Represent and warrant that your submission is your sole and original work and you have not copied or plagiarized the content or the concept from other material.

6.       Award & Collection of Prizes
6.1.        Winners will be announced on and
6.2.        Winners will be notified by email within 72 hours of the winners’ announcement. In the event that the winners cannot be reached at the email address submitted with the entry, their prize will be forfeited. In the event of a dispute, all entries will be deemed to have been made by the holder of the email account associated with the entry.
6.3.        Winners may be required to attend a prize-giving ceremony. Otherwise they will be required to collect their prizes in person within 60 days of the monthly Winners’ announcement. All winners must produce, upon prize collection, their original NRICs. These must match the NRIC Numbers submitted in the entry form. In the event that the winners are unable to produce their original NRICs, the Contest Organiser reserves the right to disqualify them. The results are final and no correspondence will be entertained.
6.4.        Winners may, within the 60 day collection window, put in a request in writing via email to requesting for the prize voucher to be mailed to their home addresses. However, the Contest Organiser will not be held responsible for prizes lost in the mail. This email must contain the Winner’s Name, Mailing Address and a scanned copy of their BC/ IC/ FIN Document (whichever is applicable). The details in the email must match the winning entry’s data supplied.
6.5.        Uncollected prizes after the 60 day collection window will be forfeited.

7.        Contest Administration
7.1.        This contest is governed by the laws of Singapore.
7.2.        By participating in this Contest, you agree to be bound by these Official Terms of Entry and Privacy Policy, and the decisions of Dads for Life are final and binding in all respects.
7.3.        This Contest is organised by the Dads for Life Secretariat, My Singpost Box 880132, Singapore 919191. All trademarks are the property of the owner. The Contest Organiser reserves the right to change any terms of the contest without prior notice.
7.4.        Contest administration and verification will be supervised by the Contest Organiser whose decisions are final.
7.5.        The Contest Organiser will not be responsible for lost, late, illegible, misdirected, incomplete or garbled entries, for those who cannot access the Internet or cannot click-through for any period of time or for submissions that are garbled or if entry information is not captured correctly, or for any technical, hardware, software, telephone, Internet, virus contamination, network, human error, including errors by the Contest Organiser in handling information, electronic malfunctions, or any other problems; and for delay, failure or malfunction for any reason.
7.6.        The Contest Organiser assumes no liability for damage caused to entrants or any other person’s/entity’s computer hardware, software or communications network, regardless of cause.
7.7.        All prizewinners may be required to sign a publicity release form before the prizes could be awarded. Failure to do so may cause the prize to be forfeited. The right to receive the prize is non-assignable and non-transferable and no prize substitution, transfer or exchange will be allowed except by the Contest Organiser.
7.8.       All entries submitted become the property of Dads for Life and none will be acknowledged or returned. Dads for Life collects personal information from you when you enter the Contest. The information collected is subject to the Dads for Life Privacy Policy at By participating in the Contest, entrants hereby agree to Dads for Life’s collection and usage of their personal information according to the Privacy Policy and acknowledge that they have read and accepted the Privacy Policy.
7.9.       The Contest Organiser shall not be held liable in the event that the contest is terminated or scaled down or otherwise modified for any reason or cause beyond the control of the Contest Organiser.
For enquiries, please use the comment box below.


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