Green Vacations for Dads and Kids – The Juara Turtle Project

Tioman Juara Turtle ProjectThe Juara Turtle Project was initiated by the Malaysian Fisheries Department to help protect the turtles that nest at Tioman Island every year. These turtles are close to extinction. Among those that used to regularly arrive here, the Green Turtle is considered endangered while the Hawksbill Turtle is considered critically endangered. Sadly, the Leatherback Turtle has not been sighted in Tioman Island since 1997.

When you bring your family here, volunteer to help by patrolling the beach at night. Watch for arriving turtles, relocating their eggs into safe zones, and more. There is work available all year round though peak turtle season (you will have more chances of sightings during this time) is from mid-March till end-October.

The accommodation is pretty basic so you will need to be able to rough it out a little. Kampung Juara is a small village with a simple clinic, some restaurants and a few shops.

Getting a chance to be involved in saving 10,000 turtle eggs a year from poachers and predators can prove to be a truly worthy experience. Beach strolls with Dad under a starlit sky will prove to be priceless as well.

For more information, visit and a volunteer’s personal blog.

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