Fishing with Dad 2 – Beginner Tips

Attend a basic fishing course with your children. Photo source:

Attend a basic fishing course with your children. Photo source:

You’ve read our post on Bedok Jetty and want to take the next step?

Here are some resources we’ve put together for your easy reference on how to start.

Tips for beginners:

For the right bait and tackle (hook, line and sinker/weight) Check out Fishing Tackle, Fishing in Singapore -Reel Deal, and Fishing Tips That Will Help the Beginners. You can easily get what you need at tackle shops all over the island.

1. Fishing tackle refers to equipment used for fishing. That includes hookslinessinkersfloatsrodsreelsbaits, and lures.

2. Hook – Anglers commonly use and recommend a number-two hook with a sinker. Change the weight of the sinker depending on the current.

3. Sinker – Also known as a plummet, a sinker is a weight used to force the lure or bait to sink more rapidly or to increase the distance that it may be cast.

4. Bait – Worms are commonly used. Other bait include prawns, sotong (squid) and grasshoppers. Keep fresh bait cold so that they do not become soft. This allows the bait to stay on your hook. For more on this, read Common Fishing Baits Used Around Singapore 

5. Rod and Reel – Start with a small wooden reel. One for each kid. Progress to a general rod 1.8m to 2.1m long (about $60) and a simple spinning reel (about $30), if you notice a sustained interest in the sport.

You can also check out companies that offer basic fishing lessons, attend one together with your children.

Besides saltwater fishing along the shore, Singapore offers freshwater fishing opportunities as well at our various parks and reservoirs. Together with your family, take a leisurely late afternoon stroll through the greens. Enjoy the flora and fauna and catch the anglers in action!

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