Touch and Feel Nature at Lower Pierce Reservoir Park


Singaporean kids growing up in a concrete urban jungle amidst high rise buildings, have a very different childhood from that of their second-generation parents who grew up in the late 70s or early 80s.

Then, kids were more exposed to rural villages, swamps and thick forestation. Many might even have experienced being chased by wild dogs in kampongs!

In contrast, children now live in more sanitized environments. They are often told not to pick things up from the ground because it is “dirty” and “full of germs”!

Keen for your children to ramble back to nature?

Dads looking for fresh air and green space for kids to run wild may just find Lower Peirce Reservoir Park an ideal spot. Children can have loads of fun interacting with elements of nature, not forgetting the playground!

Encourage the children to explore freely, touch and feel nature, using all senses (except tasting)!

pierce3Pick fresh blades of grass, feel and compare the texture of living and withered flora, and listen to the rustle of leaves in the breeze or the crunch of stepping on dried leaves.

You may even stumble upon a “heART for Nature” workshop sign – inviting kids to appreciate nature and make art!

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