Leadership for Kids – Teaching Authenticity

Tic Tac ToeIf your child has a favourite toy – “one that has been hugged almost to destruction” – borrow The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams, from the library (Call Number: English BIA; junior lending section) to read to your kid.

This is a timeless, charming tale about a toy bunny’s journey on becoming Real – through the love of a child. Set against the backdrop of a boy’s nursery filled with new and old toys, it explores the idea of imagination, love, self-belief and authenticity, and conveys this message: “If a child imagines something to be possible, it can truly become real for them.”

First published in 1922, it remains relevant and significant in today’s evolving society, with increasing layers of complexity where people are forced to be constantly wary of fakes, superficiality, dishonesty and bad faith.

A true leader is open, truthful, reliable, trustworthy and genuine in his dealings with others. To hone this leadership skill in his kids, Dad can use this story to discuss:

  • What it means to be “authentic”?
  • The importance of behaving sincerely and honestly in relating to others
  • The importance of self-belief, self-confidence and open-mindedness to possibilities
  • The need to be comfortable in one’s own skin and have a steadfast hold on core personal values

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  1. An excellent book! I’m finally a real rabbit after all these years!

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