Tower Power

This is a simple fun filled experiment. Here’s how it goes:

a) Get your kids to gather a pile of 50-cent coins and stack them up neatly.
b) Source for a variety of “tools”, such as a metal fork, butter knife or ruler.
c) Using 1 selected tool at a time, try to “push out” the coin at the bottom of the pile –without causing it to topple over.

As the kids try to keep the pile straight and steady (and also keep a straight face without bursting into laughter with Dad cheering them alongside), they soon learn that pushing the bottom coin too slowly allows the “sticky” force of friction to help “pull” the stack along – as friction causes the coins to “stick” together.

But if one pushes it much more quickly, there is then less time for the frictional force to “drag” or “pull” the other coins along, thereby keeping the rest intact.

Some younger kids might this a little difficult to do, but they will appreciate the experiment nonetheless!

Here’s to Tower Power — May the Force be with you all who will experiment!

Visit the link here for more details.
Stack a pile of 50 cents coins Gather the materials required

Push out the coin at the bottom of the pile & see what happens

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