The Day a Panda Really Saved My Life – A Book for Dads and Young Kids

Award-winning and Singapore’s Best Selling Author Neil Humphreys, an Ambassador of NLB’s 10,000 Fathers and More Reading program, has followed the tradition of other greats like C.S. Lewis in The Chronicles of Narnia and Lewis Carroll in Alice in Wonderland, to create a brand new portal through which children enter brave new worlds.

In The Day a Panda Really Saved My Life, four-year-old Abbie Rose steps into unknown terrain via her daddy’s magic suitcase to learn more about pandas and bamboo shoots. She goes on this adventure with Billy, her rainbow-coloured teddy which develops the uncanny ability to speak, upon leaving the mundane world behind the enchanted baggage.

Read about the jam Abby Rose gets into, and how a panda saves her life by –literally- giving her a hand.

Published by Marshall Cavendish (Children),this book is the first in the Abbie Rose and the Magic Suitcase series targeted at kids aged between two and eight years old. Read it with your child to harness the power of imagination and go exploring without stamping the passport.

Illustrated by Cheng Puay Koon, the book is a visual treat –there’s adorable Abbie Rose, adventurous Daddy, affable panda, and the pink-polka dotted blue suitcase with a combination lock that allows you ‘spell’ out where go (pun noted, whether or not it was intended).

Available in all major bookstores.


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