I’m an Action Hero Star for a Day!

action heroToolbox Idea by Helen Sim

My Idea is about letting kids be their favourite Action Hero Stars for a day! Allow them to dress up in their favourite costume outfits and mimic their Action Hero Stars in the comfort of their own homes. Dads on the other hand, can play the villain or whatever character his kids suggest.

Encourage the kids to come up with a story plot for role play. Dad can prepare a spacious play area beforehand, with a few props and decor to create a realistic feel in line with the theme. Inject some fun elements or sound effects using speakers for that surreal feel!

Do remember to go for meals and breaks in between play time. Action Hero Stars need rest too! When playtime is over and it’s time for your kids to head to bed, be firm but assure them that there will be another Action Hero Star play session, when they behave!

Do note safety considerations during play and take care to remove all glass or sharp objects in the play area. Discourage superman jumps from tables, and hear out the children’s ideas in order to preempt potentially dangerous role play scenarios.

Dads and Kids will love this because Dad’s keen interest in his children being Action Hero Stars will be so affirming; and  kids will have the opportunity to exercise creativity, develop their imagination and learn leadership by assuming the roles of their favourite Action Hero Stars.

It is often through play that kids really learn.

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