Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects

awesome projects bookThis “Things-To-Do” book is the ultimate!

Chock-full of simple yet innovative projects that require duct tape, nuts and bolts, the odd handsaw or power tool, dads will find making these things as much fun as the kids will have enjoying the fruit of all that labour.

As you discover ideas for how you can turn simple brown cardboard boxes into play stations, craft bows and arrows from readily available string and sticks (you can find these along our beach parks), the word awesome will come to mind.

Try out their ideas for converting an old book into a secret place for storing trinkets, or making cupcakes in egg shells. We’re sure these will “Wow” and surprise both mom and kids alike!

This book is priced at US$13.82 and can be found on Amazon. The good thing about Amazon US is that shipments to Singapore are free for purchases above US$120. So, just get together with some of your friends to make a bulk purchase, and the book will become a lot more affordable.

Try it out yah? And share your experience with us in the box below!

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