Book Review: Picking up a Penguin’s Egg Really Got Me into Trouble, Written By Neil Humphreys Illustrated and Designed by Cheng Puay Koon

Trapped a dolphin 1Daddy’s legs used to be just long and hairy. But now they are also sweaty and smelling “cheesy” – so Abbie reckons sitting too near under his writing desk.

Relieved that Daddy is not suggesting her magic suitcase transports her to a place where “Ants-Are-Thicker” – she takes flight happily to Ant-Arc-Tica, where penguins neither fly nor fight.

Abbie’s best friend in the whole-wide-toy-box-world has grown smarter: Not only does Billy talk on travel voyages, he can now count (with fluffy ear muffs in freezing South-Pole weather) and “advise” Abbie on the difference between a harmless sausage and a dangerous penguin-eating leopard seal.

Humphreys has a knack for creating simple dialogues reflecting exactly how children speak, including humorous accounts of Abbie’s adorable tendency to mishear what adults say.

Author Neil Humphreys and illustrator Cheng Puay Koon’s third book in the Abbie Rose & the Magic Suitcase series is an “Utterly-Abbie-Billy-&-Adelie-Story”, with a “troubling” long name that stirs kids’ imagination, yet imbues in them the value of kindness and respect for other people’s, I mean penguins’, things.

Dads and kids alike will find this a delightful read.

“Picking up a Penguin’s Egg Really Got Me into Trouble” is available at Singapore public libraries, Junior Lending (English HUM) & major bookstores.

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