Ace Exam Stress 4 – Countering Distractions


Here’s a novel way to work with your child to beat the lure of distractions during revision.

Have fun with him “setting a paper”.  Generate a special MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) test with options never seen before in school!

First, find out from your child what five situations that he anticipates will be irresistibly distracting.

Next, have him come up with responses or actions to counter each distraction specifically.

The choices can be both practical and silly.

Here is an example:

I tend to fall asleep while revising. Sometimes it’s because I am tired. Other times, I reckon I am just bored. To counter the distraction, I can choose one of the following:

  • Stand up and flap my hands like a chicken.
  • Take a 10 minute nap
  • Keep a snack with easy reach. For example, have a bowl of nuts or cut fruits on hand
  • Go wash my face
  • Do all of the above

Create a similar MCQ paper for your work or chores at home. Share this with the whole family. In time to come, some of the solutions will become a fun feature in your family life. When you see anyone in the family flapping like a chicken, doing a Hawaiian dance or walking like an Egyptian, you know he or she is trying hard to focus!

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